COPD and asthma

Organ specific problems

Module Authors
(Update 2012)

Raymond Friolet
Dept of Intensive Care Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland; Dept of Intensive Care Medicine, Sion Hospital, Centre Hospitalier du Centre du Valais, Wallis, Switzerland

Marco Conti
Service of Intensive Care, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Intensive Care, Geneva University Hospital, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Module Authors
(first edition)

Raymond Friolet / Roland Dietler
Dept of Intensive Care, Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland

For The Bernese PACT Working Group (in alphabetical order)

Roland Dietler, Raymond Friolet, Roger Lussmann, Hans-Ulrich Rothen, Kay Stricker, Jukka Takala, Eva-Maria Weiss-Guillet, Jeannie Wurz


Module Reviewers

Joanna Brown, Fernando Suarez Sipmann, Janice Zimmerman

Section Editor

Anders Larsson / Davide Chiumello


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